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About Jenn

About Jenn

Hi!! Welcome to!! It’s funny…this page is about me so you would think it would be the FIRST page I tackled when creating my site. NOPE!! I find it a tad intimidating to talk about myself. Share stories, be occasionally self-deprecating…easy peasy lemon squeezy. Describe myself to someone?? Not so much!

Me in a  Nutshell

So…here we go 🙂 I’m Jenn (that wasn’t so bad), a northeast Ohio girl who is desperately attempting to turn her big dreams into an everyday reality. I LOVE all things superhero. We watch Arrow, The Flash, and have watched all of the Marvel movies pretty close to 100 times each. My household adores Harry Potter (currently in Gryffendor lounge pants  while sitting in my family room that has “Lumos” and “Nox” light switches in it) and I play video games. I ADORE crime/courtroom shows. Always have and always will. My make-up appreciation borders on obsession and I let out a squeal at the site of a new matte lip product.

I have been married to my very best friend  since I was 18. This year we celebrate our 18th anniversary. I have literally been married half of my life yet still feel like a newlywed 🙂 We have two amazing kiddos, 16 year old girl (soooooo 16) and 10 year old boy ( sooooo 10), who are my everyday reminders to keep reaching for the stars.

Food Love

All my life I have had a real passion food. Secret sharing time…I used to pretend to have my own cooking show in my kitchen as a child. Seriously, I was like talking out nobody…describing how to make a peanut butter sandwich and what not. I was totally awesome. I spent time watching both my mom and my Nonna (grandma in non-italian speak) create AMAZING meals. Without a recipe, without a list of expensive ingredients, they cooked with pure love. With only a taste here and a sniff there they somehow knew exactly what to put in, when, and how much to produce a delicious feast. That’s how I learned, that’s how I still cook, only now my hubby reminds me to write it down 🙂

On I plan to share with you some fun from my kitchen. Most of what I will share will consist of recipes made from everyday ingredients that won’t take all day to prepare. Seriously though, I work all day too…who has time to run all over tracking things down!! Sure I will throw in some “fancier” things here and there, but for the most part I want cooking to be fun and full of love…not stressful!

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